Attachments are an integral part of any database software, particularly in recruitment as for the majority job descriptions and applicant CVs are key. Attachments are also important for several other parts of the system, such as terms of business, compliance, references and contracts.

An attachment is purely a document or file that can be related to a record or another area of itris. 

Storing attachments within itris as opposed to a file system is beneficial as it will allow attachments to be, shared easily and accessed quickly from the related record. They are also secure.

Attachments being stored within itris is also useful as every time an item is edited, a copy of the attachment will be stored in a directory onto your personal computer. This way, any amendments made will be made to the copy of the attachment, meaning that other users can still open the current version of the attachment if they wish. Once the attachment is edited and saved, this amended attachment will be added to the database as a new version.

All areas where an 'attachment' is required from a source external to itris will be stored in the Attachments area and will be differentiated by a system type. This will include CVs, compliance documents, photos, references, emails, etc.

Editing an Attachment

By using the database solution to edit an attachment, the item will be locked during the process to avoid the event of two users editing the same attachment at the same time and unknowingly wiping the others changes. When an item is being edited and locked by the editor, it will still allow another user to open up a read-only copy or send the attachment, if for example, it is a CV.

Many attachments that are added to the system will always be read-only (for example emails or images of passports), except for CVs and similar word document based attachments as they will likely be regularly updated. Therefore, there will be cases where an attachment is not able to be edited, only opened and viewed.

Attachment Linking

Attachments are completely independent items not directly associated with a record, except through attachment links. You have the ability in itris to link a document directly to a record, as well as additional records. 

Every attachment will first be attached to one of the main record types (applicant, company, contact, job, placement) and can have secondary links to another main record, or other areas such as comments, custom fields, references etc.

It may be that a document relating to a contract might be linked to an applicant, a contact comment and a placement, this can then be linked to relating records allowing you to view them in all relevant areas.

When an attachment is linked, a link icon will be displayed indicating the type of link.

A blue link icon will indicate the document is linked to one or more main records, and the attachment is primarily linked to the current record.

A yellow icon will indicate that the document is linked to one or more main records, and the attachment is secondarily linked to the current record.

Hovering over the icon will reveal where the attachment is linked. The record the attachment is primarily linked to will show in blue text.

A purple icon will indicate the document is linked to one or more other areas of the system aside from main records such as; comments, references and custom fields etc.

Attachment Types and Categories

Each attachment will be subject to a category, and these categories directly correspond to the attachment types set in the IMU. These categories include Original CV, Formatted CV, Reference, Contract, etc.

In most cases, only one category will be associated with an attachment. However, the exception comes when assigning the General category to an attachment. Here your organisation can determine which categories you are associated with this Attachment Type. These categories are determined in the List Items in the IMU.

Using Word Templates

The merging of information with templates can be carried out in each record's Attachments tab. Please see related article for more information on creating Word Templates.

Using Word Templates when creating a formatted CV can be beneficial when it comes to not only saving you time but also implementing your organisations branding across all documentation. 

Upon saving the Attachment Type as a Formatted CV itris will automatically update the Formatted CVs tab on the applicant record with your updated version.

Deleting Attachments

You can only delete a record attachment from the Attachments tab on the main record. Anywhere else in itris (such as in the Comment Edit form) will simply remove the link.