Comments can be created across all of the main record types; Applicants, Companies, Contacts, Jobs and Placements. 

You can link comments to other records allowing for a comment to have a source record and a destination record. For example, after speaking to an applicant about a job, add the comment to the applicant and link it to the job so that the comment is visible on both records.

Comments are useful for tracking communication on records and can be an effective auditing tool. Recording comments on a record also provides transparency between consultants.

Record comments are categorised. The category is set when you create the comment, the category provides the context of the comment, so perhaps it is an outbound or inbound call, a standard comment or an email sent or received.

Comment Categories can be created within the IMU under List Items. Here you can set if a comment category updates the last contacted field of the record, by marking Contact Made against the comment. See the related article for more information. The last contact field will only be updated when a comment category resulting in contact made is selected, and when comments are added directly to applicant, company or contact records (not linked to them).

The comment reader on the right of the comment grid will allow you to easily read the comments created against the record.

If a comment is particularly long, it will be ellipsed in this view. When the comment is hovered over in the reader, the view icon becomes visible. Once clicked the comment will then open in a pop-up window displaying the whole entry.

Providing settings for the comment type are set to 'Updates Last Contact' within the itris Management Utility (IMU) (see related articles) an indicator will appear next to the comment within the reader informing you if contact was made, making it easy for you to see when a person has been spoken to. 

As time passes, the comment grid will likely be filled with several comments, with this in mind when selecting a comment in the grid, it will be highlighted in the comment reader and vice versa. Saving you from having to scroll through numerous comments within the reader to see the comment in full.

Comments will be split over multiple pages which you can scroll through allowing for records with a lot of comments to load quickly.

Within User Management in the IMU, you can set user permissions to allow the editing and deletion of comments created by other users. For further information see related article User Management | Permissions.