Communication Assignment

Communication is a feature accessible on applicant, company and contact records that is used to list all possible methods of contact. It is also the area where email addresses, telephone numbers and web addresses (including social media) can be added to a record.

You will be able to add as many different types of telephone number, email address, and web address as you like, allowing you to display detailed and flexible communication methods. For example, you might have one telephone number type for next of kin.

A default telephone number and a default email address can be assigned to a record which will typically be the best of those methods to contact the person on. These will appear as the first communication entries within the communication tabThe defaults will also be displayed prominently within the details tab.

You can also assign multiple websites allowing you to record several social and professional media addresses against a record. There are a number of known websites where the icon for that website will be displayed, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Where the website is not known a generic icon will be displayed. A default website can also be set, making it the first website to appear in the communication tab as well as the first website icon displayed on the top right of the record.

The list items available for communications are created and managed via the itris Management Utility (IMU).

The default communication details and the first few website icons are visible on each records' record card which is visible in the record hub, groups and search results etc. as a snapshot of the record before potentially navigating to it.

The website icons are visible at the top of each record and can be clicked on to go through to the hyperlinked web page. You can also achieve this through the record card. 


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