Company Searching

As and when required, itris enables you to perform a company search on a number of different criteria.

If you are not already familiar with the basics of searching, its recommended you check out the related articles and especially Searching Introduction. This covers key basics including, reverse searching and null criteria. 

We also recommend referring to the Boolean Searching article if you will be searching Summary text criteria.

There are many related articles covering specific search criteria such as Keywords and Locations, or advanced functionality such as combining searches that you may also wish to refer to.

The available search criteria are divided into four sections: Details, Company Terms, Keywords & Custom Fields, and Geographical Ranges. It is not necessary to add criteria to each section, if you do, the criteria between each section will be treated as an AND search and likely refine the results you obtain.

Within the Details area, there are a plethora of criteria you can search on. You may want to take particular note of the following:

Company types - these are treated as OR searches, so if you tick multiple options, the results would only need to match one selected company type and not all. Unchecked boxes will have no effect on the search criteria.

Department - this will search where departments have been added to a record both via the free text and list value route.

Sector - these are treated as OR searches as a company can only have one sector assigned, so if you tick multiple options, the results would only need to match one selected sector and not all. Unchecked boxes will have no effect on the search criteria.

Summarysimilarly to the Applicant CV Text search you can also use boolean searching within the summary. This is useful as it provides flexibility to search within potentially large general information related to companies.

A likely key area to search for business development purposes as well as ensuring the companies you are working with you have signed terms with is Company Terms. Here you can search for clients with or without terms, and when searching for those with terms, you can search on proposed as well as agreed terms statuses. For further information relating to creating terms statuses see the Settings | Terms related article. Additionally, the agreed date, negotiating user, and if the terms are attached or not can also be searched on.

Keywords and Custom Fields added to company records can also be searched on. See the related articles for more information.

You can search for companies based on their addresses, postal codes or locations. Searching addresses on companies will include the invoice addresses.

Data in each geographical range field acts as OR searches, so for a company to be returned in the results, it would just need to match one of these criteria.