CV Marketing Hub

For those occasions where you have exceptional applicants who you feel your clients would jump at the chance to employ, even though there might not currently be a live job to match, you may want to speculatively send these fabulous applicants to your contacts, in the hope of making a placement with them. There may also be times where you want to demonstrate to potential new clients the quality of your applicants in order to develop some new business.

The CV Marketing Hub is a dedicated area within itris 9 that allows you to send one or multiple applicant CVs to one or multiple contacts in situations where a job does not exist.

To access the CV Marketing Hub use the icon in the Navigation bar.

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Adding Recipients to a Marketing EventSubmitting Marketed CV's to a Marketing Event | Creating a Job from a Marketing Event | Linking a Marketing Event to an Existing Job |

Adding Recipients to a Marketing Event 

The CV Marketing Hub is divided into two sections, on the left is the area where you will add and manage the applicant and on the right is the area for managing contacts.

When adding applicants and contacts you have a variety of options on where to get them from including; searching for individuals, selecting from currently open records, groups, saved searches or from any combination of these options.


Once the applicants are added, you can select the applicant to see their record card, and beneath that select a CV to send. The drop-down list will show formatted, previously marketed CV's and CV's previously submitted to jobs. Alternatively, if you have a CV saved outside of itris, you can use the New option. Once added, the CV can be edited too, this will only affect the CV being marketed in this instance.

The CV Attachment name will reflect the ID number of the applicant and can be changed if required. Additionally, once sent this marketed CV will be attached to the applicant's record.

Once the CV is edited the CV icon next to the applicant's name will turn green. You will need to assign a CV to all the applicants before submitting.


As with the applicants, once the contacts are added, you can select a contact in the list to see their record card.

Submitting Marketed CV's to a Marketing Event 

If there are any warnings you should be aware of, the warning symbols will display next to the applicants/contacts name. These will be both Informational  and Restriction  warnings. Hovering over the icon will display details of the warning. If there are restriction warnings, these will either need to be resolved on the relevant record or the person will need to be removed which can be carried out via the Clear Invalid button at the foot of either the applicant or contact area before proceeding. Please see the related article for more information on warnings.

Once every applicant has a CV, and all the records are valid (for example you've removed or resolved those with restrictions) you will be able to Submit. You have options for sending via email or externally (for example you've had a meeting with a client and taken hard copy CVs of the types of applicants they might be interested in.

Ensure you give a description to the marketing event as this will be used later.

If you are sending via email once you've submitted, an email will open. This is one area where you may find email templates and merge fields useful. Please see the related articles to assist you further.

Whether or not you are using an email template, the itris email functionality means you will be sending the emails individually to each contact.

In the submissions area of an applicant, company and contact, you will see the marketing events relevant to that record.

Creating a Job from a Marketing Event 

On those welcomed occasions when a contact comes back to you after you've sent them a marketed CV to give you a job, you can use the associated marketing event to create the job. From the Marketing tab of the relevant applicant, contact or company is the option to create the new job.

During the creation of the new job (see the related article for more information) you will notice under the Additional tab that the marketing event is selected.

Once the job is created, the Marketing tab will list all the applicants involved in that marketing event, from here you can progress any applicant through the submission process. Clicking Submit to Job will first show any job linked to the marketing event (which could be at more than one company) before allowing you to go to any stage of submission. Please see the related Submissions article for more information on submitting.

Linking a Marketing Event to an Existing Job 

There may be occasions where you want to link a marketing event to an existing job, and this can be done via the Additional tab of the job.

As with creating a job from a marketing event, the Marketing tab will list all the applicants that were involved in that marketing event, and from which you can progress applicants through the process.