Data Exports

Being able to view detailed information within itris is important, however, having the ability to export data into a printable and shareable file format is invaluable. Being able to carry out such an action in itris enables you to pass information to back office staff for data management or external third parties.

Providing you have the permission to do so (please see the related article User Management | Permissions for further information), itris provides the option to export; any of the Reports, the Live Jobs list, Record Groups and Search Results to a .csv file with the ability to choose which columns are included in the export. Each area will have different columns available depending on where you are exporting from. The Export button can be located at the bottom of each area.

Once selected, you can choose the location of where you wish to save the export, name the file (itris will produce a default filename) and decide an action after exporting the data.