Data | Industries

Industries are managed within the itris Management Utility (IMU) Data area

Industries are a high-level grouping of companies that enables them to be related based on their primary business activities such as Education & Teaching. Business types are sub-groupings which are more specific, such as Primary Education or Secondary Education, enabling differentiation between companies in terms of products or services offered. Business types once created, will appear within the tree view under their industry. They can be used for both applicants and companies.

Having this information on a company record can very useful for the organisation of data and assist with searching. You may wish to search all companies on your database that are within the Travel Services under the Leisure & Hospitality industry. Being able to search this within itris can aid you to focus in on business types you wish to target within that industry.

On the applicant record within Work Preferences, applicants have the ability to state which sectors, industries and business types they are willing to work in. An applicant may be experienced working in a specific sector and industry however, their preference is to work within another. For example, Michael could be a Marketing Manager within the Not for Profit sector and the Charity industry but may wish to work within the Private sector within the Financial industry.

When creating a new business type you must ensure you have selected the industry you wish to assign the business type to. This rule does not apply to creating a new industry as they are not held under a higher category within the tree view.


It will display the industry you have selected to add the new business type to.