Data | Media

Media data is managed via the itris Management Utility (IMU) Data area.

You may want your users to record where an applicant has come from when creating applicant records. This will allow you to effectively analyse where the money is coming in and which avenues of business development are the most effective.

For example, out of 100 applicants registered on the system, 60 may have come from LinkedIn Recruiter, and of those 60, 45 may have been placed generating income for your business. If the money generated from those applicants surpasses what is paid for subscriptions to LinkedIn Recruiter, that media source would be providing a strong return on investment and would be worth renewing.

In addition to assigning the media when creating the applicant record, a media can be assigned at various stages of the submission process. For example, an applicant may have been regenerated if they were already on itris, from another source, making it easy for users to remember to update this. Please see the related article for further information.

When assigning a media, you will also need to assign a Media Channel. Media Channels are how you can differentiate whether the applicant has applied to an advert that you have placed at a particular media, or whether you have obtained their CV from a CV repository from that media. Please see the related article for further information.