Extending Placements

When a timesheet orientated placement (contract or temporary, interval charge) is made, an end date will be set. However, there will be occasions when the role is extended.

You might decide to just edit the end date of the placement, or you might choose to keep an audit trail of any extensions by using the Extend button in the Action Bar.

When adding in an extension, you can add in any notes, perhaps explaining why the role is being extended.

Once an extension is added, the end date on the Details tab will be updated accordingly, and you can keep track of the extension via the Extensions tab, which is visible after the first extension is added. You can then add further extensions as required.

Extensions operate separately to the rates and shifts on a placement, so rates or shifts that do not cover the entire placement but still apply will need to have their end dates manually adjusted as required. Please see the related articles for more information.


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