Finishers Report

Reporting is highly advantageous when it comes to businesses being able to pull information from their system. They can provide an understanding of potential flaws and opportunities, influence long term management strategies and streamline processes.

The Finishers Report is very similar to the Placements Ending widget available on the Dashboard | Active Business Intelligence, as it shows your contract and temporary placements, including the ones you are an owner assignee of ending within the next week. However, the Finishers Report also displays your colleagues' placements, allowing you to see all applicants finishing their contract and temporary roles.

Having a list of applicants due to finish is a great list to work through to establish if any will be extended or gain feedback on them and place them into new roles, potentially earning the business more revenue at a quicker pace. Please see the Extending Placements and Feedback | Interviews & Placements, related articles for further information.

You can filter by any start date, but by default, it will show the current date plus 6 consecutive days thereafter.


The Finishers Report provides you with vital details of placements ending such as the Applicant, Job Title, Pay and Charge. On the right of the report there are record cards that display key information about the placement, saving you time in scrolling across the columns. You can customise the report by adding and removing columns (please see related articles for further information).