Income Report

Reporting is highly advantageous when it comes to businesses being able to pull information from their system. They can provide an understanding of potential flaws and opportunities, influence long term management strategies and streamline processes.

There are four permission levels when it comes to reporting: Personal, Team, Team Granular and Analyst (please see related articles for further information).


You will only be able to view your own data.


You can view your own data as well as filtering to your team as a whole.

Team Granular

You'll be able to filter by team and filter to teams individual data.


There are no limitations, you will be able to filter on a per user basis, including teams.

Income Report

When gathering financial data from the database, the Income Report will be able to provide numerous financial calculations associated with internal placements made within itris. Placements recorded as Did Not Start will not be included.

The data showing within the report will depend on the filters used and the date range you are filtering by.

Filtered By User

Filtered By Team


Each card will show the following totals, allowing comparison between users/teams:

  • Permanent Placement Count
  • Contract Placement Count
  • Temporary Placement Count
  • Income (total)

The income figure displayed within the card is the Total Estimated Value(s) for the date range filtered, minus any Rebates given. Therefore any timesheet orientated placements (contract or temporary with an interval charge) have their total estimated value calculated based on the date range filtered to and in turn the rates and shifts that apply during that period. All permanent placements as well as one off charge contract and temporary placements will show and are included within the income calculation, where the placement creation date(s) fall within the date range filtered to, apart from those recorded as, Did Not Start. Additionally, the income is shown in the user viewing the report's default currency and where applicable converted using the exchange rate history configured in the itris Management Utility

Each card will also display the total roles in the top right in a green circle. 

Columns Explained

There are several columns that show as default, however, this can be altered by using the Grid Columns (please see related articles for more information).

Estimated Value

The placement value occurring within the filtered date range

Rebate Issued

The rebate value occurring within the filtered date range

Within Rebate PeriodOnly applicable to fixed fee placements
DepartmentDepartment input on the Additional tab within the Placement Record
Job FunctionJob Function input on the Details tab within the Placement Record
Work CapacityFull Time/Part Time
PayCurrent base rate
ChargeCurrent base rate
ExtendedThis will be ticked if the placement has been extended 1 or more times
Career LevelE.g. Junior or Senior
Placement ReasonE.g. Maternity Cover, New Role
Applicant Source

Where the applicant came from e.g. Monster, CV Library

Notice PeriodE.g. "7 days" or "1 month"
Job ReferenceTaken from the job record
PO NumberIf applicable
Employment TypeFor example, PAYE or LTD
Filled ByUser that filled the role