Job Activity

The Job Activity board only shows on job records within the Activity tab, and is a quick and easy way to manage applicants through the submission process.

It will show you all the applicants that are live in the submission process, at their highest achieved submission stage and with the ability to drag and drop applicants into higher levels.

The Job Activity board is made up of swim lanes, one for each submission level. Each lane contains the live applicants at that particular stage, where it is their highest level in the submission process.

You can choose which lane(s) to show in your itris preferences, so if your applicants never attend interviews, or you don't record offers you don't have to view these lanes. See the related articles for how to change which lanes are visible to you.

To progress an applicant card to another level, simply drag and drop them to the chosen level, you can skip levels if you wish.

When dragging, applicants can only be progressed to a higher level, not to a lower level. When the card is over a higher level, the lane will show in green and when dragging over a lower level, the lane will show in red.

Once the applicant is dropped into a higher level, the submission semi-modal for that level will open with the applicant's information pre-populated. See the related article for Submissions area for further information on the submissions process.

When the mouse is over a lane, a New button will appear to the top right of the lane, click this to add a new applicant into any stage of the process.