Job Searching

It may be necessary for you to search for jobs within the database and itris enables you to perform a job search on a number of different criteria.

If you are not already familiar with the basics of searching, it's recommended you check out the related article Searching Introduction. This covers key basics including reverse searching and null criteria. 

We also recommend referring to the Boolean Searching article if you will be searching job description text criteria.

There are a number of related articles covering specific search criteria such as Keywords and Locations, or advanced functionality such as combining searches that you may also wish to refer to.

The available search criteria are divided into three sections: Details, Keywords & Custom Fields, and Geographical Ranges. You don't need to add criteria to each section. However, if you do the criteria between each section will be treated as an AND search.

Within the Details area, there are a plethora of criteria you can search on. You may want to take particular note of the following:

Fill Chance - allows you to search on jobs that are of a certain rating. For example, you may wish to search all of your jobs that have been rated 3 stars and up, so you can prioritise jobs you feel would be easier to fill.

Job Function - this might be used when you've a great applicant on the phone, who is interested in working within a particular area such as marketing or HR. This field provides the option of searching for jobs within the relevant job function(s).

Work Type - you can limit your search to a particular work type. Leaving unticked will search all.

Status - you may wish to limit your search to just Live jobs (or any other relevant status)

Job Description Overview - similarly to the Applicant CV Text search you can also use boolean searching within the Job Description Overview. This is useful if you are searching for a job where a description of the role has been inputted into the Job Description Overview on the job record.

Additionally, you can search on the Keywords and Custom Fields added to job records.

You can search for jobs based on their addresses, postal codes or locations. Searching address on jobs will not include the invoices addresses.

Data in each geographical range field acts as OR searches, so for a job to be returned in the results, it would just need to match one of these criteria.