Job Statistics Report

Reporting is highly advantageous when it comes to businesses being able to pull information from their system. They can provide an understanding of potential flaws and opportunities, influence long term management strategies and streamline processes.

Understanding the active submission stages on a job can be a great way of keeping your finger on the pulse. A submission is deemed active providing:

  1. The job has a status with a Live system type.
  2. A placement has not been made for the job/applicant.
  3. The highest submission level achieved does not have a status with an Inactive system type.

Report Criteria

Being able to filter by several criteria such as Job Group and Job Search allows you to drill down to the specifics and access the data quickly and efficiently.

Record Card

The record card located on the right of the report will display a snapshot of the main details of the job, such as the Job Title, Start Date, End Date and the Pay and Charge. This makes it super easy to see the important information at a quick glance.