Keyword Assignment

Keywords are used simply to identify records, for example, you may use keywords to note specific skills, attributes or differentiate records. They make searching for records quicker and more efficient.

Keywords can be used on all main records (applicants, companies, contacts, jobs and placements).

The creation and management of keywords occurs in the itris Management Utility (IMU), as this will allow you to centrally control the keyword data in itris. 

Keyword strength allows you to rate the strength of the keyword assigned to the record. This can be used to determine the level of a skill or attribute that a record has. For example, if an applicant is a junior developer, they might have the keyword .NET assigned to their record, but it would be a low strength as they are a junior. 

The keywords assigned to the applicant record will be displayed by category ascending and then by keyword ascending.

A keyword can have aliases, which might be different spellings or abbreviations, etc. of that word. For example, the keyword ‘Large Goods Vehicle’, might have aliases including ‘Heavy Goods Vehicle’, ‘LGV’, or ‘HGV’. 

When a keyword is created it can be assigned a lifetime to indicate how long that keyword might be relevant for. When you add that keyword to a record you can then state when the keyword was obtained. The obtained date will be displayed next to the keyword, if it is within the lifetime period it will display with the Lifetime Green icon, and if it has exceeded its lifetime this will be indicated by the Lifetime Red icon.

Obtained on can still be added to keywords that don't have lifetimes.

Lifetimes and Obtained on are useful for determining how relevant a keyword is. Records that obtained a keyword a long time ago may not be relevant any more.

Imagine you have the keyword Trainee applied to an applicant record when they registered 10 years ago. Ten years later the applicant is unlikely to still be at this level. Additionally, some skills or qualifications (for example a first aid certificate) might deteriorate over time and a lifetime can be applied to these keywords too.