Managing Search Results

Performing quick, detailed and complex searches is important to your workflow and the ability to manage them efficiently will ensure your productivity is effective.

Once you have entered all your required criteria run your search.

In this article, you will find:

| Search Results | Active Searches | Search Actions | Pop Out Results | Flagging | Send Email | Add to Group | Submit | Add Comment | Add Appointment |

Search Results 

If you are using the CV text search, your results by default will be sorted with the highest ranking displayed at the top.

When running a search in itris your results will be limited to 10,000 records, if your results exceed this number a message will display asking you if you'd like to refine your search criteria. If you continue and return the maximum number of results and this is an applicant CV Text search, the best matches will be returned.  If this is not an applicant CV Text search the results will be arbitrary.

In the top right of the screen the statistics for your search will be displayed (records found, total number of that record type in itris, percentage of the database). 

Results are paged to aid performance, with 30 results per page, and the record card of the highlighted result will display on the right.

There are tick boxes allowing you to multiple select or select all (on the current page) results.

Please note, tick boxes are not held when changing pages so if you wish to retain those selected, flag the selected records before changing pages. Please see the section below on Flagging.

When you re-run a search, if any new records matching your criteria have been added since the first time it was run the result will be marked as a new result.

Below you will see how you can flag your results, which can be used to filter the results.

Additionally, you can sort your results. Depending on which record type your search for the sort options will differ.

By right clicking on the results banner (column headers area), you have the ability to change which columns are visible, see the related article for more information.

Active Searches 

Searches that have been run and open are called Active Searches. They are listed on the right and will show the number of results for each. You can have multiple searches of each type open.

Active searches will remain open for the duration of your session. You can save and name your searches, please see the related article for further information.

Search Actions 

At the foot of the results, there are a number of actions that you can complete.

Here you can choose to Go To the selected record, Save (and name) the results (please see the related articles for more information), edit the search criteria and providing you have the permission to do so, export the search results (see related articles).

Saved searches can also be linked to Jobs, see the Saved Searches article for more information.

Pop Out Results 

Pop out will separate the search results from itris into its own individual window, allowing you to view the search and itris simultaneously. This is particularly useful if you have more than one monitor, allowing you to view the search results on one screen and work through them while having itris on another screen to view the record in full. 

You also have the ability to resize the window, allowing you to still view the record at the same time.

itris preferences provide the option to automatically have search results popped out, which will keep them on the same monitor and at the same size as when they were last viewed. Please see related for more information.

The Stay on top toggle will ensure the search results remain at the front of itris, no matter where you navigate.

You will have additional functionality to move between records.

If you decide to resize your search results window, all actions will reside within the Options button located at the bottom of the search results.

In the top right of the pop out window, you have icons to minimise, maximise and close the results window.

If you minimise or close the results and wish to return the pop out window you can click Searches in the status bar at the foot of the window.

Clicking Dock will take the results back to the search area within itris.


Flagging records is an effective way of organising your results, for example, those you want and those you don't.

There are 5 different coloured flags you can assign to the results.

If you are a fan of shortcut keys on your keyboard you can use these to flag the results: Green Flag 1, Red Flag 2, Blue Flag 3, Purple Flag 4, Yellow Flag 5, No Flag 0 (e.g. remove flag)

As mentioned above you can filter your results by Flag. For example, if you have labelled all the really good results with a green flag you can show only those, or if you want to hide some applicants, for example, those you've added a red flag too you can use the filter to exclude them.

When actioning your flagged records, you have the option to include or exclude certain flags. In the example below, an email is being sent to all of the records except the red and purple flagged records are being excluded. 

Send Email 

To help you with an efficient workflow you can also send emails from your results to one or more of the records. 

You have the options to send to All Records, Selected (ticked) records or Flagged Records (by flag colour).

Add to Group 

As with Sending emails from the results you can also add one or more of the records to record groups from your results too. 

You have the options to add All Records, Selected (ticked) records or Flagged Records (by flag colour) to a group.


The Submit action is only available on applicant searches where you can Shortlist your applicants to a job, submit their CV as a draft to a job, or Market their CV. As with the Send Email & Add to Group actions you can run this action on one or more of the records. 

You will have the option to Submit All Records, Selected (ticked) records or Flagged Records (by flag colour).

Add Comment 

This action is a great time saver and allows you to add a comment to the selected record without having to navigate to that record. 

Add Appointment 

This action is a great time saver and allows you to add an appointment to the selected record without having to navigate to that record.