Placement Searching 

It may be necessary for you to search for placements within the database and itris enables you to perform a placement search on a number of different criteria.

If you are not already familiar with the basics of searching, its recommended you check out the related article Searching Introduction. This covers key basics including searching reverse and null criteria. 

There are a number of related articles covering specific search criteria such as Keywords and Locations, or advanced functionality such as combining searches that you may wish to refer to.

The available search criteria is divided into three sections: Details, Keywords & Custom Fields, and Geographical Ranges. Whereas you don't need to add criteria to each section, if you do the criteria between each section will be treated as an AND search.

Within the Details area there is a plethora of criteria you can search on. You may want to take particular note of the following:

Job Function - this might be used when you want to start analysing the types of placements you are making, helping you understand your business on a macro level.

Work Type - you can limit your search to an particular work type. Leaving unticked will search all.

Status - you may wish to limit your search placements that are currently working (or any other relevant status)

Rebates - you can search for placements that have had a rebate applied, helping you identify where there might be issues in your recruitment, or you can search for placements that are still within their rebate period, this is vulnerable money that you may wish to watch closely.

Additionally, you can search on the Keywords and Custom Fields added to placement records.

You can search for placements based on their addresses, postal codes or locations. Searching addresses on placements will not include the invoices addresses.

Data in each geographical range field acts as OR searches, so for a job to be returned in the results, it would just need to match one of these criteria.