Quick Comments

The Quick Comments functionality allows you to add a comment to a record within two clicks, by selecting Quick Comment in the Action bar of a record.

They can be easily created from either the Quick Comments management semi-modal, accessed via the Quick Comments Button or simply when adding a new comment to a record, by ticking 'Save as Quick Comment' before clicking save.

You have the ability to create record type specific Quick Comments, as in some cases a quick comment for an applicant will not have the same relevance as a job. So in being able to save record type specific comments it can be truly flexible to work alongside your day to day tasks.

This functionality can significantly save on the administrative time it takes you to manually type out each repetitive comment on a day to day basis.

We advise you to create quick comments for comments you frequently write, such as, 'Left a message requesting a call back', however, there is no rule to what you can create as a quick comment.

Quick comments will also hold the category set when they were created, which provides the context of the comment.

You are also able to assign quick comments when creating a new comment on a record, via the drop down in top right of the comment character box, again saving you that all important time manually typing one out. This method could also be very useful if you wish to link another record or add an attachment to the comment at the same time.


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