In terms of rates there are two types of placements Fixed Fee & Timesheet Orientated. 

Fixed Fee - all permanent placements, Temp and Contract placements with a one-off charge.

Time Sheet Orientated - a Temp or Contract placement that has an hourly or daily charge.

Rates are only applicable to Timesheet Orientated placements.

Key things to know about Base Rates

  • Relevant jobs/placements must have at least one base rate applied
  • Base Rates do not have days or times applicable
  • The Base Rate will always take on the placement's start and end date, so this will float within the placement
  • If a start or end date changes on the placement, the dates on the rate will change with it
  • The Base Rate will start on the effective date set and end either on the last day of the placement or the day before the effective date of the next Base Rate starts
  • The first Base Rate created on the job/placement will become the Starting Rate and will show the following icon
  • The Starting Rate cannot be deleted
  • Base Rates cannot overlap or have gaps
  • You can  have multiple Base Rates
  • Base Rates are used for times when no alternative rate exist

Key things to know about Alternative Rates

  • Alternative Rates will always supersede Base Rates at the times on which they are applicable
  • Only one Alternative Rate can be applicable at any one time for the purpose of reporting e.g. financial estimates
  • Alternative Rates can overlap Base Rates but cannot overlap one another
  • Alternative Rates can be day and time specific
  • They can have optional start and end dates
  • If dates are left blank they will float inside the placements start and end date like the Base Rate

Rates Key

 Base Rate

 Alternative Rate

 Historic Rate

   Future Base Rate

   Future Alternative Rate

   Starting Rate


You may create a new Base Rate to take effect on 1st April to reflect the increase of the living wage, the Starting Rate will then automatically be updated to have an end date of the 31st March.

A placement might have two alternative rates e.g. a Night Rate and a Sunday Rate. The night rate might be in effect between 18:00 and 06:00 the following day on Monday - Saturday, and the Sunday rate might be in effect from 06:00 and Midnight on Sundays. Below shows the Base Rate, Night Rate and Sunday Rate, due to no specific dates being selected the Alternative Rates will cover the entire placement along with the base rate.


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