Record Cards

Record cards are a snapshot of a record, displaying basic data of the record in a clear, visual manner. They are available on all the main record types and as submission cards.

There are various places you will come across Record Cards, including search results, groups and scheduled calls. You will also be able to view record cards in each of the Record Hubs.

In places like search results, once the record is highlighted the record cards will automatically be displayed on the right. However, in the record hubs you will need to click the view icon to display the record card.

Submission cards are available in the submissions area on applicant, company, contact & job records.

You can use the Details option to hide / unhide the submission card.

Below is a selection of the different record cards you will see.

Where telephone numbers and email addresses are displayed on a record card, these will be the record's defaults. You are able to click on these and any social media icons displayed to follow the links, for example to call/email the person or open their LinkedIn profile.







Submission Cards