Record Find Control

The Record Find control is located in the navigation bar and is used in scenarios where you wish to find and navigate to one record (applicant, company, contact, job or placement).

Here are some key things to know when using the Record Find Control:

  • You will need to add a minimum of two characters to search.
  • The record find control will also consider any Known As names when returning results.
  • You can search using record ID numbers.
  • When searching for jobs and placements using the job title or the placed persons name , only live jobs/placements will returned, however if you search on the ID number, non-live jobs will also be returned.
  • You can search on telephones numbers by adding in 10 or more characters (consisting of numbers, spaces or plus symbols).

In certain scenarios you may want to determine the record types searching on, using the magnifying icon drop down.