Search Templates

Within itris you can create search templates for each search area.

Templates save the search criteria that has been entered to be used again in a future search. 

These templates will undoubtedly contribute to your efficiency, particularly if you are performing heavy searches regularly. For example you might set up an applicant search template which excludes archived applicants and those restricted from recruitment.

You can create as many templates as you like and set one as the default template per record type (i.e. one default applicant search, one default company search, etc).

Search templates are created once your search criteria has been entered by clicking Save As Template.

You will then be able to choose whether it's a personal or global template, and if you want to set it as default. You can have both personal and global templates, but only one default of each.

Once saved, when you open a new search for that area the criteria of the default template will be automatically populated.

Additionally, you can choose another relevant template from the Template drop down.

If you wish to clear the criteria applied by a template (or manually by yourself) you can use the Clear Criteria option at the foot of the window.

Search Templates can be managed by clicking on the cog icon adjacent to the Templates drop down.

From here you can Edit the name of the template, delete it or change defaults. 

If you wish to edit the template criteria you will need to load the search criteria, make your changes and click to save the template. You can then use the overwrite option.