Settings | Terms

Default Terms data is managed in the itris Management Utility (IMU) under the Settings area > General Settings > Terms.

itris will allow those users with permissions to manage all stages of agreeing terms with your client from the Terms area of any company record.

Terms of business are commonplace in any business relationship, and the recruitment industry is no exception. Generally, every time business is conducted between two parties, terms of business will be agreed to, and in most cases, this will be the supplier’s standard terms and conditions. However, in some cases, the terms may be negotiated on a per-customer basis.

Here you can add details around your terms, multiple term documents and set standard Rebate stages, by days, weeks or months, or set to No Stages. 

You can also set the default Fee. This can be a fixed fee, a Scale or Flat fee.

A fixed fee will be a set percentage

A Scale allows you to account for changes in the fee dependent on the salary.

A Flat fee is a value (e.g. in £) as opposed to a percentage, whereby the salary has no impact on the fee.

When applying terms to a company record, it will automatically populate using the settings added, with the exception of the terms document. The Terms document will be available as a centralised resource for emails.

Rebates added to a company record will, in turn, be inherited onto fixed fee placements.

You, of course don’t have to apply these defaults to the record if you have a different agreement with them.