A shift is simply a time from and to that the worker is working. Its implementation in the system is actually identical to the rate in that it is just a generic common shift that can be applied to a job or placement. There must be at least one shift applied to the job or placement. You can have multiple shifts however they cannot overlap. 

Shifts are used on all work type jobs/placements including permanent for the purposes of flexibility.

On a Job/Placement Record

  • The list of shifts will be ordered by ascending start date and time
  • Shifts without a start date will appear at the top of the list
  • If the start time of a shift is later than the end time the shift is deemed to be overnight this will display as a dark blue icon  
  • Any other shift will display as a light blue icon 

Adding/Editing a Shift

  • The shift name will allow free text entry, as well as selecting from a list item created within the itris management Utility (IMU)
  • If To & From dates are not selected it will cover the entire job/placement

  • A shift cannot overlap with another shift
  • No matter the length of the placement the Days Applicable will default to Mon - Fri. This allows flexibility for any extensions or changes in dates that may be applied later
  • At least one applicable day must be set for the shift to be saved
  • If To & From Dates are selected, and are for less than 7 days, then the Days Applicable will be limited accordingly

  • Both the To & From times are mandatory for all shifts
  • The time pickers will list 00:00 to 23:45 in 15-minute increments but will allow free text entry down to any minute


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