Sources Assignment

Sources are a great way to log where your applicants have come from and therefore tracking return on investment.

These media sources might be professional networks such as LinkedIn or job boards like Monster, or could be via a referral from another applicant or contact.

Sources can be assigned at the point of creating the applicant, at anytime via the Sources tab or during the submission process. A record can have multiple sources. 

The benefit of having the Source option available on the submissions form is that perhaps your applicant originally came from one source, for example, LinkedIn, but for this specific role they applied via Monster. You can add Monster as a source to show where they have most recently applied.

Media Channels are how you can differentiate whether the applicant has applied to an advert or whether you have obtained their CV from a CV repository. 

Applicants with no Source assigned are searchable, giving you the ability to rectify this and ensure you have accurate reports. 

To add Media Channels and Media lists please see the related articles.


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