Templates | Email Templates (Global)

Global email templates are managed via the itris Management Utility (IMU) Templates area.

Email templates are a great time-saver, particular for emails, like interview confirmations that are sent regularly. Additionally, they provide the opportunity to set branding and communication standards across all consultants.

Global templates are centrally managed from here, and you are able to create email templates for a number of different records/functionalities.

All email templates can contain attachments, and with the exception of those created in the General area can also have merge fields.

Merge fields can be used in both the email Subject line and the Body text. The merge field menu has multiple levels to help organise all the available options.

Once a merge field is added to the template it will display its full menu path to provide its context. Doing so provides clarity of the data source in instances such as the merge field, First Name, amongst others, being selected as First Name could relate to several different record types dependent on the template area.