User Management | Permissions

User Permissions are managed via the itris Management Utility (IMU), in the User Management area > Users > Permissions.

Permissions are set on a per-user basis, allowing for flexibility between the user's roles. Each permission tick box has its own explanation, ensuring that it is clear what each affects.

Permissions you may wish to pay particular attention to include the ability to access the IMU, delete main records and edit or delete comments created by other users.

If you change a user's permissions, these will take effect when they next log in.

Reporting Level

There are four permission levels when it comes to reporting: Personal, Team, Team Granular and Analyst.


Users will only be able to view their own data.


Users can view their own data as well as filtering to their team as a whole.

Team Granular

Users are able to filter to their team and filter to their team's individual data.


There are no limitations, users will be able to filter on a per-user basis, including teams.