Warnings Tab

Submission warnings exist to warn or strictly forbid a user from carrying out an action at various levels of applicant submission. This could potentially save you from an embarrassing situation.

Warnings is a feature that will flag up any issues of potential reasons why the user should be warned of something.

Restrictions and Warnings are linked, see the related article for more information on Restrictions.

There are 2 types of warnings:

Information - this is purely for informational purposes and will not prevent the applicant being progressed

Restrictions - this will prevent you from progressing the applicant

The warnings tab appears on the following new submission forms:


CV Submission


Job Offer

New Placement

The warnings listed will be anything you should be aware of before progressing an applicant. 

Restricted From Recruitment - Applicant is restricted from recruitment

Grace PeriodApplicant is currently placed in a (live) perm role and is within the placement grace period

Rebate Period - Applicant is currently placed in a (live) perm role and is within the placement rebate period

Interview Scheduled - Applicant has an (live) interview scheduled for another job

Offer - Applicant has a (live) offer that is being negotiated for another job

Archived - Applicant is archived

Previously Worked at Company - Applicant has previously worked at the company you are progressing them to

Job Closed - The current job is closed

Prevention Restriction - Applicant or contact has a prevention restriction against their record, this will prevent any submission.

Caution Restriction - This will show as an informational warning, where the applicant or contact has a caution restriction against their record, this will not prevent submission.

In addition to the above there are two other warnings only applicable to the CV Submission level:

CV Send Limit Reached - The CV send limit to that contact has already been reached for that job

CV Deadline Reached - The CV submission deadline reached for that job

Each new submission will have its own warning tab and display warnings associated with that submission.

In the example below you can see that when placing the applicant into a job relevant warnings are showing. For informational purposes it shows the applicant has a live interview scheduled and is currently within the grace period. It's also showing the applicant has a prevention restriction, stating that the contact associated with the job doesn't want to work with the applicant and in turn preventing the applicant from being placed.

If an applicant is restricted from the entire recruitment process, this will also reflect within the Warnings tab.

When marketing a CV you will be informed of Warnings against that applicant/contact and you will see the following icons:

-  this will still allow you to market the CV. You will be able to see caution restrictions assigned to the record as well as warnings unrelated to restrictions. This is purely for informational purposes

-  this will appear prior to attempting to submit the marketed CV and will not allow you to market the CV, as it has a prevention restriction assigned to the record

-  this icon will display once you have attempted to market the CV with a prevention restriction assigned to the record

By hovering over the icon you will be able to see the reason for the caution, prevention or warning. If there are prevention restriction warningsthese will either need to be resolved on the relevant record or the person will need to be removed by using the Clear Invalid button at the foot of either the applicant or contact area before proceeding.