Word Templates

Word Templates can be accessed via the Navigation Bar 

They are a great time saver, particularly for letters such as placement confirmations that are sent regularly. Additionally, it helps with conformity, branding and quality across the business. Templates will generally be used to add branding imagery to letters, particularly CVs, which may include logos, headers/footers, etc. and optionally include Merge Fields.

Word Templates are available across all of the main record types Applicant, Company, Contact, Job & Placement.

Creating a Template

Depending on your permissions you can create Personal  and Global  word templates across each record type. Personal Templates will only be visible by you, however, Global Templates will be visible across all users.

After clicking Continue, you'll be able to populate your template with text, images and merge fields. Depending on the record type you are creating, there are different Merge Fields available for your Word Template. For example, if you require placement details, you will need to create the template from the Placement Area of the Word Templates. 

The list of Merge Fields can be found in a drop down on the Home tab just before the Heading Style selections.

Using Templates

The merging of information with templates can be carried out in each record's Attachments tab.

Using Word Templates when creating a formatted CV can be beneficial when it comes to not only saving you time but also implementing your organisations branding across all documentation. 

Duplicating Templates

In some cases, you may want to take a template and tweak a handful of things without having to re-create the template. Duplicating a template is available on all templates and will simply take a copy of the template for you to change slightly.

When clicking Duplicate, you will be presented with the Duplicate Template form, you will then be able to rename the template.

Once you click Continue, the template file will be opened in Word with the contents of the original template loaded.


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