General FAQs

Here are some of our most asked questions to save you picking up the phone to us.

Have a read and if your question is still unanswered then please feel free to contact our Service Desk on and one of our Service Desk Analysts will happily assist you.

Why do my archived applicants keep appearing in searches?

By default, itris will bring back all records that match your search criteria, this include archived applicants and/or applicants that are restricted. We advise that you to create your own search template, excluding archived applicants for example. Please see related articles for more information.

Can I customise my Dashboard?

No, it is no possible for your Dashboard to be customised.

How do I unbook an applicant when there is a cancellation or no show and then can I place a replacement into the role?

You can set a placement as Did Not Start from within the Action bar of the placement, this will close the placement and remove from any financial reports etc. The Did Not Start will record on the job record for you to keep track. Once you have confirmed, the role will become available again on the job (if there was only one role for this job, this will automatically open to one role again). You will not be able to reopen the placement to place another into it, as each applicant has their own placement record. Once you find another suitable applicant, place them into the job and that will create a new placement record for you and record accordingly on the Job record.

I have come away from the email window, how can I return to it?

You can simply click the email button in the Navigation bar.

When I do an Applicant Keyword search how are they ordered within the results?

By default, search results will order with the highest-ranking applicants at the top, however, you can change this within the sorting filter.

When I do a Boolean CV text search, how are they ordered within the results?

By default, search results will order with the highest-ranking applicants at the top, however, you can change this within the sorting filter.

How can I see comments I have added to a record when I'm in a search?

Currently, there is no column available for this, however, at the foot of the search window, you will notice you can snap the search results. This will snap the results to the lower half of your screen, allowing you to view the record and see all comments.

Can I do a search on fields in itris that have not been populated?

Absolutely, this is called Negative Searching (aka Null Values). You simply just click on the criteria's label to toggle the null value search, which turns the label red and display a watermark inside the control. You can use this on most, but not all, fields.

How can I find a single record?

You can hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard, this will then navigate you to the Record Find Control in the top right of your screen. From here you can search all record types by either their name, known as or ID number.

Where does the list for Recruits For come from?

This is a list created under Job Functions within the itris Management Utility in Data | List Items | General.

How can I mark records when in a search?

You have the ability to mark records with coloured flags, to save you time, each flag has a keyboard shortcut. You can find these within the tooltip located next to the flag button.

Can I submit multiple CVs?

Yes, CVs must be marked as Draft in order to use the Multi Submit button within the Submissions Area. See related articles for more information.

How do I add an attachment to a record?

Below each record's name banner is the attachments tab, from there you will be able to add a variety of attachment types and assign them with attachment categories.

Can I submit multiple CVs via the Job Activity Board?

Currently, you cannot drag and drop CVs in bulk within the Job Activity Board, however, you can shortlist multiple applicants from a search and individually mark the CVs as a draft and use the Multi Submit from within the Submissions Area. See related articles for more information.

Can I parse CVs that are in a PDF format?

Yes, itris will treat the document the same as if it was in a Word format, the only caveat to this is that the PDF documents must not be scanned copies.

I don't see the updates made for Word Templates, e.g. all the new merge fields

When updating itris, ensure you close and reopen Word prior to using the templates. If any updates have been made to this area, the itris Add-In will need to reinstall in Word and until it does you won't see the changes/fixes etc.

Why can't I send a text message to a mobile number that's clearly formatted correctly?

This is most likely because the phone type (e.g. Mobile) has not been set up to Receive SMS this can be done within the IMU in Data | Communications

Can terms of business be automatically attached when sending an email?

Terms can be attached however, they will not be attached automatically. You can attach any documents saved on a record, or attach standard terms if they have been saved within the IMU in Settings | Terms.

How do I extend a placement?

You can only extend placements that have an interval charge i.e. Hourly\Daily (Timesheet Orientated Placement), you will be able to extend from the action bar of the placement record. Once you have added an extension you will have an additional Extensions tab within the Details area of the Placement record from where you will be able to add additional extensions if you wish.

Can I change a placement's Work Type e.g. From Contract to Permanent?

Unfortunately you cannot change the work type of a placement once it has been created, you will be required to create a new one.

The screen size of my itris is very odd, how do I change this?

We would recommend speaking with your IT department about changing your screen resolution, as this may help with the size of itris on your PC monitor.

Can I upload zip folders to itris?

Absolutely, you can attach several different file types onto itris.

When I add certifications onto records, will I get reminders when/before they expire?

No, itris does not currently have functionality to send reminders in relation to certification expiries.

How do I edit an Applicant?

It really depends on what it is you are wanting to edit, as there are several areas around the record. We would recommend taking a look at either the Applicant Record Article or Video.

How can I edit a Contact's email address?

All records contact details can be edited from within the Communications tab on the record itself.

Can I add more than one contact number to a record?

Yes, additional contact details can be added to the Communication tab on an Applicant, Company and Contact record.

Am I able to share my calendar with my colleagues?

Unfortunately you will not be able to share your calendar with other users, however, if a user is an attendee it will show within their calendar and if they accept they will receive notifications within their sidebar.

Can I quickbook an applicant?

Currently, you are not able to quickbook an applicant into a placement as temp functionality within itris is limited for the time being.

Can I bulk upload attachments to a record?

You cannot do this at the moment, however, you can upload zip folders which can contain multiple documents.

When sending out a bulk email to multiple recipients, am I able to see who and why people are excluded?

Yes, when sending a bulk email from a search or a group you will be presented with a semi-modal telling you who and why the recipient is excluded. If you would like to have a list of the email addresses that are invalid allowing you edit them, we would suggest editing your previous criteria to only include those that have invalid email addresses. You may also find it useful to exclude those that have opted-out of email marketing when running your search. This way they will automatically be removed from the list. Check out the searching articles and videos for more information.

I have a closed placement that I need to open again, how do I do this?

You can either change the end date on the placement or you can use the extend button in the action bar to extend the placement. Once a new end date has been added the placement will then reopen.

How can I change my itris login password?

You can do this yourself in the itris 9 Launcher. Select the Change Password icon in the bottom right of the Launcher window .

Can I share a search?

You are only able to link an applicant search to a job record, this is essentially sharing that search allowing all users to have access to it. To link a search to a job you must save the search, you will then have the option to link the search to one or more jobs. Once saved, you will be able to locate the search from within the Submissions area of a job record.

Is there compliance functionality in itris 9?

Currently itris 9 has basic compliance available, as you can utilise the Custom Fields. See related articles for further information.

I want to export a list of all workers out this year, can I do this?

Absolutely, you will need to carry out two separate placement searches. One searching with a Start Date to the end of the year e.g. 31.12.20, and one with an End Date from the beginning of the year e.g. 01.01.20. Don't forget to add additional criteria to your search e.g. Perm/Contract/Temp work types. Once you have run your searches you will need to save them, once saved they will have to be combined with the Both Method (please see related article). This will then provide you with anybody working in 2020 (no matter when their start date was or when their end date is). As long as you have permissions you should then be able to export the report.