itris 9.1

We're pleased to present itris 9.1!

In this release there are 4 New Features and 3 Improvements.

Remember to take a full backup before updating.


9.1 sees the release of a brand new collaboration feature called Community. This allows you to share photos, announcements and web links as well as recommend records to your colleagues. It comprises of a Community Feed for everyone, a permission-based Notice Board and a Twitter feed so users can stay up to date with your latest tweets. The Twitter feed can be configured in the General Settings in the IMU.


Our FireText integration enables you to engage and interact with applicants and contacts through two-way SMS communication, helping to improve the relationships you have with them. Within the SMS area you can view all conversations and see a history of when each person was messaged and who sent the messages.


9.1 sees the introduction of a new Reporting Suite in itris with 6 shiny new reports.

  • User Statistics - Tracks usage statistics broken down by user 
  • Starters - Shows all placements starting within a set date range
  • Finishers - Shows all placements ending within a set date range
  • Job Statistics - Reports on statistics for jobs on the database
  • References - Report and manage outstanding references for applicants
  • Income - An easy view of overall revenue for the business optionally broken down by users or teams

These reports are just the beginning so rest assured, we will be developing more reports for future releases.

Word Templates

Create Word and letter templates with your own custom branding and take full advantage of the merge fields available in itris to create the perfect template.

We are always looking to make improvements in itris 9 and here are some changes you will notice in 9.1.

  • New Marketing Preferences Permission

    We have added a new permission to the IMU that restricts users from changing the Marketing Preferences on applicants and contacts. This permission is enabled for all users by default.

  • Active BI Dashboard Auto-Refresh

    We have now included an automatic refresh of the Active Business Intelligence dashboard every 10 minutes so there's no need to manually refresh when navigating back if it was previously opened in the session.

  • Added spell-check to more areas

    We have added spell-check to to an increased number of areas including interview and placement feedback, job description overview, employment and placement role description, company terms notes and more.

Our roadmap is ever-growing and if you’re interested in what’s to come, here’s a sneak peak.

  • Mandatory Data

    Stipulate rules on what information is required when creating records.

  • Advanced Record Find

    Find records easier and quicker with advanced find.

  • Export Record Groups and Search Results

    Export record groups and search results in .csv format. We will also be bringing exports to reports in the future too!

Feedback is very important to us and helps us provide a better experience and system for you. We are always keeping an eye on the features and functionality that are regularly requested and attempt to bring it to reality.

Got a suggestion for us? Submit it via the Feedback button at the bottom of the Main Menu.